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DIY bench cushion (no sewing)


      Recently my friend hired me to help organize her home.  After looking at several expensive customized options, we decided to get several Expedit shelves from IKEA.  It does a great got of holding all her things but it just didn’t have that customized feel that I wanted.  Brainstorm! I decided to make a cushion to give it a more finished look 😀


 To make your own no-sew cushion, you will need to get your materials:

  • Fabric of your choice
    -I went with a heavy duty upholstery fabric
  • Batting
  • Foam
    -I decided on the 3″ foam so that it is very comfy for sitting on (& is going to a home with a 2 year old!)
  • A piece of support wood for the base (very thin wood is fine unless it is being used as support)
    -The wood will need to be cut to the size of your bench.  If you don’t have a saw, the store where you buy the wood will cut it for you for free!
  • Staple gun & staples
  • Scissors, knife or electric cutting knife


  Step 1

Gather your materials.



Step 2

Place your board on top of your foam.

Trace the desired shape onto your foam.



Step 3

Cut the foam to the right size
(This would have been so much easier to do with an electric knife)




Step 4 (optional)

Glue the foam to the board

I decided to glue my foam so that the layers would not move around as I was trying to get measurements for my fabric & batting.


Step 5

Measure & cut the batting

This layer is important to prevent the piece of wood from poking holes in the fabric.  I found it was easiest to put the board onto the batting, then measure my desired width.

Baby W is doing a great job of supervising!


Step 6 (Sorry no picture!)

Use staple gun to staple batting to the board

You must have the foam between the batting and the board for the layers to turn out correctly!
I found it was easiest to start at the shorter ends, then tuck corners.  Wrap corners like you would a corner and staple in place before moving on to the long sides.



Step 7

Measure & cut fabric

(I ironed my fabric before measuring & after cutting to ensure that I would not have odd wrinkles and gaps in the fabric when it was stapled)



Step 8

Lay fabric down (wrong side up), then lay board (batting side down) onto the fabric

Use staple gun to attach fabric

(Again, I attached the shorter side first, wrap the corners, then move on to the longer sides)



Here’s a close up of the corners

(I found it worked best to staple the first edge to the board
before moving on to the second edge)

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