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Apple jar pies

2012-01-20 12.52.31     Do you ever want freshly baked apple pies?  I do!  But then I find myself in a conundrum because I want the pie now; not in the 2+ hours it will take to make the dough, bake the pie, and let it cool.  Now, I may be a pie snob but having grown up with a family who bakes from scratch, grocery store frozen pies just won’t cut it.  Trust me! I tried yesterday since we had gotten one for free (with a coupon) and it was a disappointment.

    Enter the jar pie!  These little 1-2 person pies are the perfect solution!  I make a bunch of them at once and store them in my freezer for when I want a home made dessert…or want to share something sweet with Hubby…  I also give them out as presents with adorable labels for the lids (Apple pie jars.doc  ).

To make a jar pie, follow the instructions for Favorite Pie Crust  Instead of rolling the pie dough to a specific pie pan size, roll out a flat sheet.  I found it easiest to use the lid as a guide to cut circles out of the dough.  I placed one circle in the bottom of the Kerr 1/2 pt wide-mouth jars and then used a bit of extra dough to make the sides.  It is  important to start with a wide-mouth jar to actually be able to eat your pie! Fill the jar with your favorite pie filling (I found it easiest to scoop spoonfuls) but stop about 1/2″ below the lip of the jar.  Add a circle of dough for the top of your pie and seal the edge of your dough with the top of your crust.  Bake at 375F for 45mins (or 1hr if frozen).

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