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Kid created St. Patrick’s Day door sign

    I was complaining telling my Hubby that I still had the Valentine’s Day door decor up since I didn’t have anything for spring holidays, when he asked, “Why don’t you just make one?” Well duh! Why didn’t I think of that? So the kids and I got to work planning something out that they could do. Since the kiddos are almost 4 & 16 months, we decided stickers would be amazing!


  • Cardboard (cut from a box heading out in recycling)
  • Box cutter or exacto knife
  • Gold coins (Michels)
  • Shamrock stickers (dollar store)
  • Glue gun
  • 12″ of green ribbon
  • Modge Podge (optional)

    I cut out a capital letter B for our last name, then glued the ribbon to the top of the backside of the letter. Tie a bow in the ribbon to make it pretty.

    The kids and the dog watching while I laid out all the supplies. I divided the stickers into a pile for each kiddo so Little Man thought it was “fair.”

Little Miss was determined to get the sticker backing off all by herself

Proudly displaying our finished product.  At this point, I would Modge Podge if you decide to do that step.  The entire project took us maybe a half hour but the kids were so excited that they had gotten to make something for us to display. 

2 thoughts on “Kid created St. Patrick’s Day door sign

  1. Very cute. I can’t wait until my daughter is just a little older and we can do activities like this together. We did make valentines but she was just mostly scribbling on them 🙂

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